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M Square Developments Ltd was founded to deliver quality schemes across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK.
Manchester is at the heart of the North and the Northern Powerhouse. The Northern Powerhouse is a cluster of cities in the North of England. Together they form a ‘super’ economy of almost £350 billion, similar in size to that of London. It includes Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle, all of which are close to each other, creating one of the largest urban economies in the world, bigger than the individual economies of Taiwan, Sweden and Denmark.

Reasons Why to INVEST | WORK & LIVE | SETTLE in Manchester



Greater Manchester area is the second most populous urban area in the UK which means high demand of Housing.


Foreign Owned Businesses

Providing high employment to local people and university graduates and bringing in foreign investment into the local area.


Cheaper Property Prices

Than London on average meaning a lower cost of living and financially a more attractive city to work and live and start your own family.



Many of the UK’s leading public companies have a presence in Manchester including the BBC, meaning new jobs are forecast for the next 10 years.

High Rental


The rental market is booming, with the average cost of renting in Manchester gone up by 30% in the last four years meaning fast-rising rents for buy to let investors. 

High Speed 2

Rail Link

Providing greater connectivity between Manchester and London and its neighbouring cities in the Northern Powerhouse region. 

A Global City


Manchester International airport welcomes flights from 200+ cities including San Francisco, Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore. 

Most Liveable

World City

Manchester named by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2019 among the world’s 50 most liveable cities ahead of London, New York and Rome. 

Fastest Growing

City in the UK

Faster than the national average and one of the youngest in the country due to a high proportion of graduates remaining after their studies.

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