Mobberly Dormer

3 bedroom Family home extended with dormer conversions.

Location: Mobberly, SK9

Duration: 6 weeks

Scope: Timber frame, slate, steel, woodwork.

Hale Loft Conversion

Full rip out, lowered ceilings and dormer conversion with new roof and en-suite.

Location: Hale Barnes, M23

Duration: 10 Weeks

Scope: Timber Frame, steelwork, timber laminate flooring, tiling, electrics, new plumbing.

Weldon Road Loft Conversion

2 bedroom Family home extended to create 3 double bedrooms and a large bathroom. Full loft conversion by dropping ceilings. 

Location: Weldon Road, Altrincham, WA14

Duration: 12 weeks

Scope: Rip out and new ceilings, velux windows, new bathroom.

Pickmere Loft Conversion

4 bed family home that went under several projects including a dormer, garage conversion and two bathrooms along with extensive electrical work and decorations.

Location: Pickmere, CW9

Duration: 12 weeks

Scope: New openings, timber work, insulation, floors, electrics, stud work and decorations.

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